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In this case, your contact person is first and foremost the specialist dealer from whom you purchased your Spartherm fireplace. They will provide you with competent advice and individual support.

Here too, our selected dealers are your contacts.

The right stove for you depends on your personal taste. It is best to discuss the technical, construction-related and use-specific parameters with a local specialist dealer or stove fitter. These specialists will also be glad to inspect the exact situation on site.

Spartherm offers all suitable fireplace variants: From fireplace cassettes for later installation into an existing open fireplace, stoves, fireplace inserts to chimney-less, smoke-free use of our outdoor GRDN fireplaces. Find your Spartherm fireplace system – optimised for passive houses or with maximum performance for the entire house.

Fuel selection is crucial and is closely related to the type of use. If you want the heating system to provide a steady fire with a cosy atmosphere and you have access to good firewood, you should use firewood for your system. If storing, transporting and refuelling logs is too much of a hassle for you, you can use a gas-fired stove or fireplace instead, or you use bioethanol as a fuel.

Except for our outdoor products of the GRDN brand, you will need access to a chimney that meets the technical requirements for our products and has been approved as suitable by your chimney sweeper. During installation of your stove or fireplace, it is necessary to observe the general installation instructions such as minimum distances from flammable walls and installation on a non-flammable surface. For passive houses we recommend units with low kW output, units with an external combustion air supply (room air sealed) or a system that includes a water heat exchange system. Ask your construction bureau for additional requirements and get advice from your local specialist.

The kW output indicates the output of a system and how much radiation heat it emits. This is a tested output adapted to the regulations of the country in question. The actual thermal output depends on the specific wood selected by the user. The room size is essential for a pleasant room climate. If the output of your selected unit is too low, the room will not be heated properly, while an excessive output quickly overheats the air. In storage heaters – regardless of whether they use water or natural stone for storage – the heat storage will absorb a lot of energy when the fire is started. A slightly higher kW output can be selected for these units.

Less is more. To ensure you’re on the safe side about the passive house standard, Spartherm offers units with a low kW output and recommends room air sealed units with a separate external air supply that ensures the ideal heating power. In general, the following applies: The better insulated a building is (passive houses), the lower the kW value should be. For further questions, consult the passive house manufacturer and your local specialist.

Please contact us and we will send you a contact address of an specialist in your country.

Each Spartherm fireplace system has two supply paths for combustion air to the combustion chamber – the primary (bottom) air and the secondary (top) air. When the fire is started, in the heating phase, the stove is supplied with the maximum primary and secondary air. Once the fire gets going, only secondary air is supplied. Spartherm products permit precise control of this process. 

The head storage material ensures that the fuel is used as efficiently as possible. Natural stone, water or storage material granulate can be used for this purpose. It can be visible or invisible. It’s all up to you.

Spartherm fireplace systems can be operated as room air sealed systems with an external combustion air supply and are approved by DIBt (German Institute for Structural Engineering) for room air sealed operation in an air network (supply air, flue gas pipe, stove). Particularly effective sealing makes our RLU units able to withstand a underpressure of up to 8 Pascal. This technology ensures a safe fire even with simultaneous operation of home ventilation systems without additional safety equipment. The combustion air must be supplied to the unit in air-tight lines from the outside for room air sealed operation.

From additional storage material to elegant installation frames and use of special designs, Spartherm has everything you need to make your dream of a perfect stove come true.

Each chimney is different, depending on the location, the height, the material and even on the weather. Due to the hot, rising smokea chimney generates a underpressure in the combustion chamber, which is required to supply combustion air. Good firing properties can only be achieved if the chimney and the combustion system are perfectly adapted to each other. Contact your local chimney sweeper for a personal consultation.

Expect less than you think – Spartherm is all about quality and high efficiency. With a kilogram of dry firewood, you can achieve a heating output of approx. 4 kWh/kg, depending on the wood type and humidity of the wood. The nominal heat output indicated on the type plate by Spartherm is the heat output proven by a test according to EN 13240 or 13229. The thermal output depends on the amount of fuel and the combustion air supply.

Natural wood types are most suitable for making fire in a stove. Hardwood such as beech, oak or birch has high energy values and is therefore highly suitable for fires in stove systems. It burns more steadily and generates fewer burning sounds than softwood. Ensure that your firewood is sufficiently dry and does not exceed a maximum residual moisture of 20 %. This is the only way to ensure a clean fire with high energy yield.

The efficiency of a fireplace system describes the conversion of energy introduced by the fuel into usable heating energy. To put it simply: The higher the efficiency, the more heat you will get.

The combustion residue generated during the combustion process in a fireplace system may settle on the  glass. To avoid this, Spartherm designs fireplace systems so that the glasses remain as soot-free as possible. The airwash guides pre-heated secondary air along the interior of the glass to generate a permanent airflow that will keep the glassclean. 

While you can feel radiation heat directly on your body as soon as you get close to the stove, convection heat will create a cosy warmth by evenly heating the room air. The convection heat is generated through permanent circulation of the room air. Cooler air enters the stove from the bottom and moves past the combustion chamber. The air heated by this process exits the system at the top and heats the surrounding room. Materials such as soap stone, sandstone or natural stone increase the continuous heat exchange by radiation for a longer time after the fire has extinguished.

Spartherm fireplace systems are equipped with numerous safety features to let you enjoy your fire without worry. Our SMARTCLOSE closing system for securely closing the door is an innovative safety solution created by Spartherm. Yet another aspect of safety: Spartherm products are exclusively available through qualified specialist dealers. Only reliable consulting by our specialist dealers on site will give you the planning certainty for proper installation.