Cassette inserts

Fire ...

a feeling of warmth, cosiness and the fascination of flickering flames – quality of living enters a new dimension. Old fireplaces fitted out in a new splendour enable you to enjoy the natural spectacle in a tamer and safer form.

A very well sealed fireplace provides 100% protection against flying sparks and smoke nuisance into living areas.

And also you should consider that open fireplaces will achieve a significantly higher effi ciency when a cassette insert has been installed.

Spartherm offers you countless design options – because we produce our cassettes in accordance with your requirements. So give your ideas free rein!


LINEAR- Standard cassette inserts

The cassette that fits in almost every surrounding

Quick, clean installation - old open fireplaces shine in a new splendour

Perfect functionality

The new LINEAR standard cassettes offer perfect functionality and a modern and stylish appearance, as well as being easy and uncomplicated to install. They blend beautifully with your personal style and they don't just fill an empty space - they allow your fireplace to radiate in a new splendour.