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Spartherm stove

Our stoves combine stylish and timeless design with innovative technology. Regardless of whether you wish to have a water-bearing, classic or altogether extravagant stove. Factors governing the alignment of your fireplace in your living space are whether to operate it with open flue or closed flue, and whether to have a straight-on, two-sided or three-sided view of the firebox - just a few of the points to consider.  With optional heat storage elements, you also have more cosy radiant heat in your living space. This successful series of fireplace inserts has been extended yet further, with the a6 and a6 H2O models. Every one of these new models is a testament to the highest standards of stove technology, refined design and harmonious aesthetic appeal.

High quality stoves with striking designs

Our customers love and live for special things. They have above-average expectations. Just as we do. Quality ... is not enough. For that reason, we offer special quality: through our highly trained employees, our technologically refined production operations and our choice of high-quality materials.  Design - our ambition is to create perfectly shaped stoves in stylish designs. Whether avant-garde trends or refined classics: our language of images should appeal, enthuse and fascinate.

Unique production of stoves

As part of our product development efforts and our production operations, we comply with the most stringent of national and international standards. Operating performance of 65% on the water side in our water-bearing stoves, compliance with German emissions control legislation [Bundesimmissionsschutzverordnung], or the approval of closed-flue stoves are examples of the technical developments we have accomplished - visions, free thinking and high levels of expertise are our basis for new ideas in terms of technology and design for the future. The name Spartherm stands for innovative fireplace solutions, ones that not only meet the highest standards in terms of design but that are also high-quality and long-lasting.  This quality philosophy runs like a thread right through the entire process. From idea to development and from production operations through to delivery and service - all from a single source, i.e. a one-stop shop.


  • RLA (non-room air sealed operation)

Stoves that are operated with an open flue. This does not mean that they do not have a separate supply of combustion air from outside the room in which they are installed, but instead that these stoves are not dependent upon the air supply to that room (inlet air, smoke stack, chimney insert).

  • RLU

Stoves holding the certified approval of the DIBt (German Institute of Building Technology) should be operated with closed flues, i.e. independently of the air in the room (inlet air, smoke stack, chimney insert).

  • Rotation

Stoves that are able to rotate inside a room can be adjusted across a rotational range of 90 to 180 degrees. The position of the stove can also be secured, e.g. for adding fuel or for cleaning the firebox.

  • Buffer tank

Stoves with heat storage compound in their housings, to absorb heat while a fire is lit, and to release that heat with a time lag once the fire has gone out into the room in the form of radiant heat. Heat storage element, steel cladding on the sides, cast with heat storage compound, or with natural stone cladding to perform that same heat storage function.

  • H2O

Stoves with an integrated water heat exchanger that extracts heat from the hot flue gases, and that makes this available to the storage heating elements in the central heating system as an additional source of energy.