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The idea, the concept, the success – what is the foundation for a company like Spartherm, which is now a leading manufacturer of fireplace technology? The founder Gerhard Manfred Rokossa made his dream of an open fireplace come true using unused clinker bricks back in the early 80s. To prevent annoying flying sparks, he added a kind of guard. The idea of a closed fireplace with a viewing pane was born. The closed fireplace built by Gerhard Manfred Rokossa drew the attention of a local fireplace builder, for whom the Spartherm founder expanded his original idea and created a sheet metal chamber with fireclay lining and a swivelling glass door. When Gerhard Manfred Rokossa finally created the sturdy steel body, demand began to grow steadily. The first high-demand fireplace insert was called “Speedy K” and was the stepping stone for Gerhard Manfred Rokossa to become independent.



Innovative ideas and their high-quality implementation formed the foundation for the company Spartherm, founded in 1986, which prospered quickly and began to expand. Its inventions were a revolution for the entire fireplace technology industry. More and more companies showed interest in the new developments that were launched in serial production in the town of Gerden at the workshop on Selhofer Weg. In 1996 the location on Maschweg with a 1800 m² administrative area and 8000 m² production space was created. As the company founder began to produce in Poland immediately after the end of the Cold War and had the right contacts, he was the first businessman of the region to create his own plant in Friedeberg (Strzelce Krajeńskie).


In the following years, more product innovations and increased turnover led to continued expansion of production and warehouse spaces and integration of some competitors into the company. That is how the Spartherm company group has grown from its founding days to become a synonym for innovative and high-quality fireplace inserts, stoves, compact units, tiled stoves, fireplace cassettes, outdoor products, complete combustion chambers and small storage heaters. At its main headquarters in Melle in Lower Saxony, the company is one of the region’s largest employers. Within three decades, what was originally a locksmith’s shop with two employees has grown into an international company employing over 1,000 people. Of approximately 50,000 units produced each year, 35 percent are exported – and the number is growing. Spartherm products are almost exclusively available through qualified specialist dealers.

Firmengebäude von Spartherm


Headquarter Melle