Varia AS
Varia AS

A fire nearly as wide as the horizon.


Digitally controllable & manageable via app

Consistently crackle and flame

generate the perfect amount of heat

Store heat and heat economically

With a front width of 75 cm and a height of only 38 cm, Varia AS and Varia ASh will impress you with their sensational widescreen format. In addition, these fireplace inserts are compatible with your Smart Home. Together, the S-Vent ventilation system and the digital S-Thermatik NEO combustion control system make a great assistance package for your convenience. On Varia AS you can select a left-hand or right-hand door stop. Varia ASh has an elevating door.

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Fireplace inserts

Varia AS

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Technical data

Fuel Wood
Glass shape Straight
Door function Hinged, self-closing
Door stop left or right
Energy efficiency class A+
Heat output 4.9 to 9.1 kW
Room air sealed (RLU) optional

Smart fireplace assistance features