Trico S
Trico S

U-shape for fire visibility from three sides.


Consistently crackle and flame

The more perspectives, the better

Digitally controllable & manageable via app

The new Trico S combines our many years of know-how in the field of combustion technology. For example, infrared-coated combustion chamber glazing ensures reduced radiation distance, high combustion chamber temperatures and reduced soot buildup. Practical: The three-sided hinged door can be easily swung out for cleaning; hard-to-clean inner corners have been completely eliminated. Visually, the Trico S is all about maximum fire visibility: its large, high viewing panels give you a perfect view of the fire and you can see the flames completely. The syllable "Tri" in the name means three, because three viewing panels surround the combustion chamber in a U-shape, so that you can experience the fire from all parts of the room. The basic shape of 40 x 40 cm makes it ideal for small rooms, such as in a Tiny House.


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Trico S

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Technical data

Fuel Wood
Glass shape U-shape
Door stop Left
Energy efficiency class A+
Heat output 4.5 to 7.8 kW
Total height 1.495 mm
Room air sealed (RLU) optional
Glass cover plate for stove optionally available

Smart fireplace assistance features