Control modules for efficient heating

Simple, intelligent and comfortable heating.

Control and regulation as a contribution to environmental protection?

The higher the required heating load, the more important is the control of combustion. Electronic control improves efficiency, makes combustion economic and, in addition, adds comfort by the time saved for heating.
Besides, fuel is also saved.

Whatever the application, whether smoke outlet, combustion process or other comfortable solutions – SPARTHERM has the optimum solution for you in any case – because we are on fire for you.


Combustion control | S-Thermatik NEO

The automatic system, which supplies just as much air as is needed,
controls the combustion to ensure that the process is clean and the fire perfect.

Poor combustion is the source of many problems. The easy-to-handle appliances from SPARTHERM not only put you in control of these problems, you also enjoy a number of benefits in line with our motto:

Simple, intelligent and comfortable heating.

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S-Thermatik NEO



Accessories for clever integration.

Our clever accessories can be integrated extremely well and take care of

  • Reliable safety in operation
  • Comfortable operation
  • Eye-catcher
  • Environmentally compatible heating

Simple, intelligent and comfortable heating.

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