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Latest Press Release

Only a finger-swipe:
Controlling a domestic stove by smartphone and app

Modern living room layout:
Design and technology in an exciting symbiosis

Always a well-rounded object -
this series of fireplaces impresses with its great variety

HBCD-free packaging materials

Important deadline at the end of 2017:
Replace tiled stove inserts now

Received an award in the USA:
Spartherm fireplace inserts with SCHOTT ROBAX® fire viewing panels


Spartherm Feuerungstechnik GmbH

Spartherm is donating 20,000 euros at Christmas:
A children's cancer charity and a wheelchair basketball team will benefit

Under one roof:
research, development, manufacture – and series production


Fireplace inserts

Fireplaces with ‘heat storage batteries’

The best of both worlds - Renova C

Dancing flames ‘at eye level’

The real fire in the wall

A fire with different perspectives



Transparency is the in thing

The elements fire and stone are brought together for a striking fireplace experience

Double-sided stove provides a view from two sides

Stove line is impressive in its simple elegance

The aesthetics and technology of our high-quality stoves are bound to impress



Mellino - Puristic styling


Take advantage of the summertime:
retrofitting open fireplaces with a fireplace cassette



A blazing accessory for all those who love design

The fascination of fire set within an elegant frame

A fire without a chimney

Bioethanol fireplaces: flickering flames for balmy evenings

A real fire with no soot or smoke