„Outstanding design, meticulous manufacturing with an eye for detail and sustainable customer satisfaction are achieved with each of our fireplace inserts.”

Gerhard Manfred Rokossa
Founder and executive company
member Spartherm


High-quality, edgeless look with the highest aesthetic demands for incomparable perspectives and direct view into the fireplace characterise the premium fireplace inserts from Spartherm.
A design that can be integrated into any architecture, opens completely new options and has been distinguished with several prizes for exceptional design.

A worlds first

Edgeless, frettless, flush-mounted - A worlds first.
It is the technical innovations with regard to safety architecture that allows Germanys market leader Spartherm to design a chimney with an impressive art of fire. 

Double glazing

The elaborately constructed double glazing of the premium fireplace insert V-ASh ensures for a perfect view of the fire and at the same time, guarantees an optimum insulation so that the installation room is not overheated by the particularly large viewing window. And the fact that the safety glass is also easy to clean gives you even more please with your fire, day after day.


“The living room is a symbol of shared place, accompanied by the dreams to create a thing of timeless beauty and relaxation.”

Fire symbolizes the beginning of culture. Its sight is pure magic – watching flames dancing in a moment of casualness, comfort and warmth.

These days, fire in our living space expresses the highest of all feelings. A contemporary fireplace in the living room achieves this feeling of total coziness and well-being.

Puristic and timeless designs of our new Premium fireplaces not only set impressive statements in your home, but create a completely new, mesmerizing atmosphere.

Welcome to the premium world of Spartherm.

Premium Products

Premium V-ASh

Contemporary design and pristine, minimalistic lines

Premium A-U-70h

Enjoying the beauty of fire

Premium V-2L-80h

Fire is the way to well-being

Premium A-3RL-80h

Shiny eyes for chimney enthusiasts

Radiant soloists in architectural ensemble.

With our innovative chimney inserts, you can fulfil your dream of pleasant living with a lively fire. Enjoy the attractive design and technical superiority of our premium fireplace inserts in your home every day. Cosy warmth, pleasant atmosphere and the feeling of luxury convert your living room into a wellness oasis for all senses. In this way you do not only increase your well-being, you also increase the value of your property.


The best example for high functionality and appealing design into detail: the ventilation adjustment lever for the optimum regulation of the fire. Reduced to the bare essentials, it is integrated into the unit inconspicuously.


Many work steps are require to manufacture an outstanding fireplace insert. A lot of manual work, experience and our uncompromising attitude that knows no mediocrity ensure for the excellent Spartherm quality.

Clear view

Made from one cast, one-piece glass panes made from rigid glass ceramic give you an unlimited pleasure of the flames. Your added value: cleaning the glass ceramic pane is child's play, simply push it up completely, or lower to the ground.


High efficiency rating thanks to advanced technology - the award winning Spartherm fireplace inserts ensure for a particular operation and optimum utilisation of energy.

As a whole, the premium fireplace inserts from Spartherm have been designed for sustainable use that protects the environment and your budget.