Stove-System Piko Frame

Enjoy your fire with individual character

The "PIKO Frame" stove was designed according to the modular principle. Consisting of modular cuboids and cubes, it can be used to create a large number of construction variants and visualize them in the configurator. A total of 44 basic models are available, using only the highest quality materials such as marble, granite and steel. According to the own preferences a noble chimney landscape develops from shelves, Sideboard, seat and attachments with completely own character.


Piko Frame 1.6

Piko Frame 2.4

Piko Frame 1.4

Piko Frame 2.1

Piko Frame 2.5

Piko Frame 1.4

Piko Frame 1.2

Piko Frame 1.8

Piko Frame 2.7