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Coal briquette chimney insert - also suitable for burning wood

Coal briquette chimney insert - Renova C-Air

Coal briquette chimney insert - Renova C-Air

Coal briquette chimney insert

A fireplace with coal briquette-compliant chimney inserts is flexible in terms of the fuel that can be burned, while at the same time offering the natural comfort of burning wood. A warm home and a romantic atmosphere will enthuse you if you decide in favour of the coal briquette chimney insert from Spartherm, and this will imbue your fireplace with a class look and feel. Our Renova C model in the Comfort series compels through its puristically authentic design lines and carefully conceived details. Nor is there any reason why a long evening by the fire in your comfortable living room should not beckon if you use the classic fuel, coal. Even when burning coal briquettes in your fireplace, you will conjure up a cosmopolitan and attractive sense of flair. These inserts are all manufactured to the highest of quality standards and were designed with optimised heating capabilities. You can of course use your stove for additional heating or as an alternative form of heating for the rooms in your home.

Individual lignite briquette chimney inserts

A fireplace with a coal fire not only generates a pleasant level of heat rapidly, it also has a harmonious impact on your sense of well-being. A view of the glowing embers of a fire arouses emotions and spreads a sense of pleasurable homeliness that you can enjoy with your family, or when you have friends round. Our unique coal briquette chimney insert, the Renova C, is ideally suited to replace old chimney inserts. User-friendly and easy to operate, you can quickly summon up a fire that draws the eye and that imbues a room with a nostalgic atmosphere.