Modular use of heat

Helix (Greek = coil, spiral) is probably the most individual heat storage solution ever offered for our fi replace inserts. The hot flue gases flow through the helix, generating excellent heat transfer to the storage medium and thus long-lasting, even release of heat to the surrounding room.

Helix special features:

  • compatibility with various fireplace inserts
  • lower energy costs
  • flue length defined individually
  • cleaning via the firebox
  • low resistance during lighting up.
  • The hot gases are routed entirely through the storage system
  • stress-free heat transfer
  • quick assembly
  • environmentally friendly

Individual design options:

  • construction height from 56.5 cm - to 94 cm
  • thermal storage masses from 117 kg - to 203 kg
  • Flue gas temperature reductions from ø 200°C - to 300°C
  • choice of top or side outlet