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Trico S steel
Trico S steel

Compact stove in noble steel design.


Consistently crackle and flame

The more perspectives, the better

Digitally controllable & manageable via app

The Trico S steel stove combines function, design and contemporary combustion technology in the smallest of spaces. Its cladding consists of 6 mm thick steel plates. The noble material and the elaborate workmanship give the fireplace a reduced, particularly high-quality appearance. Another plus: with a square basic shape of 40 x 40 cm and a height of 1495 mm, this small stove is space-saving. The appliance belongs to energy efficiency class A+. The glasses are easy to clean. Visually, the Trico S steel fireplace offers you a perfect view of the fire from all points in your room thanks to its three U-shaped glasses. The flames are always completely visible through the high windows. Optionally, you can choose the chamotte tiles of the combustion chamber lining in black. Against the dark background, the bright flames of the fire come into their own even better. In keeping with the clear, cubic design language of the modern fireplace, the glass door of the Trico S steel is equipped with a short handle strip as an elegant design element. Practical: The stove is equipped with an ash tray that allows you to easily dispose of the ashes.

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Trico S steel

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Technical data

Fuel Wood
Glass shape U-shape
Door stop Left
Energy efficiency class A+
Total height 1.495 mm
Heat output 4.5 to 7.8 kW
Room air sealed (RLU) optional
Glass cover plate for stove optionally available

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