Passo G
Passo G

Minimalist comfort.


generate the perfect amount of heat

Digitally controllable & manageable via app

Effortless on and off

The Passo G has the timeless slim body typical for all Passo units. Like the Passo XS, the high position of the combustion chamber creates enthralling proportions. As a gas-fired stove, the Passo G is even more minimalist, as it does not require any visible operating elements. Its flame pattern is controlled by a remote control and can be shut down immediately whenever you want.

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Passo G

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Technical data

Fuel Gas
Glass shape Circle
Door stop Left
Energy efficiency class A
Heat output 0.9 to 8.3 kW
Total height 1.142 mm
Room air sealed (RLU) Yes

Smart fireplace assistance features