The great advantage of our products is that they use wood as fuel.


  • ... is one of the oldest fuel and even today a wood fire gives us a feeling of protection, safety.
  • ... when burning soothes us and has a positive effect on your living space thanks to its visible flame and perceptible warmth
  • ... is a raw material that grows naturally and it is sustainably managed
  • ... has a neutral carbon footprint when used as fuel
  • ... is normally locally available

Wood has a crucial advantage, over other renewable energy sources, such as sun, wind and water...

... it awakens emotions within us.

Of course, we are constantly endeavoring to make our products even more environmentally friendly. Germany`s Federal Emissions Control Act (BImSchV) of 22 March 2010 is one of the most rigorous environmental laws in Europe for wood burning appliances. All our products meet the standards of the current regulations. For those who want more, Spartherm offers a BAFA approved particle filter, which is able to filter 60% of soot particles from the flue gas. Another of our main goals is the effective use of the energy or heat generated. We provide fireplaces with integrated water heat exchanger and single solutions to be added on. The mentioned appliances deliver approx. 25-80% hot water output efficiency. You can thus use the heat accumulated, elsewhere in your home.